About El Doler

El Doler was founded in early 2021, with the vision of pushing design to the limits for a more sustainable future.

The founder Alvaro Molina with original roots from souther Spain, (that given the name of the brand) relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark a couple years ago after falling in love with way the Danish sociality do business, and with Denmark being a market leader when it comes to sustainable design. 

Our brand is aware of all the areas that a business needs to work on, and that goes from social to product sustainability. Nevertheless there's many challenges any business would face on that journey, and two main fall on given the economies of scale and the currents world's technology there's in place.

That's why suitability is part of our vision and there will be always room for a more sustainable future, but that will always our 1st core value, and work towards that. Read more about what we actually do in sustainability page.